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Now Huahe Group has developed into the most important production base of wooden doors,wooden furniture and wardrobe.Our production capacity is ahead of most of other companies.Due to our professional experience and various resource,Huahe Group has become 5 core competitive advantages-large production scale,superior equipment,competitive price,good quality and integration concept.All these advantages accomplish the leading status of Huahe Group in China.

Huahe Group owns 6 production lines - wooden furniture,wooden door,wardrobe,Kitchen cabinet wooden window and sun rooms which all have its own unique brands.

Wooden door division
  • Qiqihar carpentry Furniture Plant was established in 1956
  • With the rapid development of Huahe Group ,it becomes one of the most important export companies in China
  • The excellent quality is not only embodied by strict and meticulous craft but thorough quality control system
  • We have an internaional well-known designer team who are in charge of our products development
  • Now,Huahe Door has become the largest scale wooden doors manufacturing company in China
Furniture division

Huahe Furniture is one if the divisions of Huahe Group

It possesses outstanding production lines of knowndown furniture,wooden furniture,kitchen cabinet,cupboard and so on.Its products,kitchen cabinet and cupboard,are exported to the United States every year on a large scale

Huahe Furniture owns thousands of styles of furniture which are most provided for household,work,hotels and schools use.The brand of Huahe Furniture has become the most popular furniture brand in China today.

Some products of wardrobe

Huahe Wardrobes focus on custom products.We use the unique design to provide perfect custom service.We invite Germany famous designer to design unique wardrobes width high techniques and craft in order to satisfy various customers' demands.


Some products of kitchen cabinet

Sun rooms
Due to our corporate philosophy of "benefit our customers,accomplish our dreams",we keep self-motivation all the time to improve our brands influence and products structure and strive to satisfy the market demands.
Huahe Wardrobes are the key products in 2011 and now it has become our main leading brands in China.