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Wooden door division
Qiqihar Carpentry Furniture Plant was established in 1956
With the rapid development of Huahe Group, it becomes one of the most important export companies in China
The excellent quality is not only embodied by strict and meticulous craft but thorough quality control system
We have an international well-known designer team who are in charge of our products development
Now, Huahe Door has become the largest scale wooden doors manufacturing company in China
New wooden door company under construction
A new wooden door manufacturing company is being built in Qiqihar whose amount of investment outnumbers 500 million RMB. Its floor space is about one hundred and fifty thousand square meters. This new plant will become one of the top wooden doors manufacturing company in China and all of its production capacity, degree of automation, technology and quality control are far beyond other companies at home and abroad.
Furniture and kitchen cabinet division
It possesses outstanding production lines of knockdown furniture, wooden furniture, kitchen cabinet, cupboard and so on
Its products, kitchen cabinet and cupboard, are exported to the United States, Canada and France every year on a large scale
Huahe Furniture owns thousands of styles of furniture which are most provided for household, work, hotels and schools use. The brand of Huahe Furniture has become the most popular furniture brand in China today